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Chain Specialists Since 1924


Fred P. Noffsinger forged his first hook in 1924 at the Thompson Potato Graders Company in Greeley, Colorado.

In 1927, Mr. Noffsinger became a partner of the company and subsequently the name changed to Thompson-Noffsinger Manufacturing Company. His son, Robert Noffsinger, then joined the company, and worked in the factory.

Early on, the company designed and built the first original potato graders, diggers and related products. These machines were the first “automated” equipment used in the potato industry. Many patents were issued to the company for these innovations, which greatly increased potato harvesting and processing productivity.

In 1930, Fred Noffsinger bought out Thompson and formed NLN Manufacturing Company. After surviving the Great Depression (which started in 1929) the company began to develop new types of harvesting and processing equipment. Beginning with the “The Farmer’s Special” (the first powered potato grader) and a horse or tractor drawn digger, the machine designs progressed. The graders became more sophisticated with the electric powered “Greeley 3-Way Potato Grader” and improved, tractor drawn PTO diggers.

From the 1920’s to the 1950’s the company designed and built the specialized machinery required to make hook chain and grading belts, and produced steel rod hook chain and grading belt for its own equipment. Soon recognized for its exceptional quality, it also provided chain and belt for other leading OEM equipment manufacturers.

Technological advancements continued through the early 1950’s, culminating with a super high-performance two-row potato harvester. Over the years, other farming equipment was built and patented, such as elevators, crop washers, and land levelers.

In 1956, the company decided to drop production of farm equipment and specialize in hook chain and grading belts (wire belt). By reputation and competitive demand, the company soon found serious markets for OEM and replacement chain and belt.

In 1959, the company was incorporated as Noffsinger Manufacturing Co., Inc.

In 1978, belt chain was introduced into the production line, which is cited to deliver new levels of productivity while lowering the amount of crop damage.

In 1994 , rollers were introduced into the production line, allowing the customer to obtain these quality products from the same place where their belting needs are met.

Not surprisingly with the aforementioned history, Noffsinger Manufacturing Company, Inc. is the oldest and most established chain manufacturer in the world. As well as Noffsinger being the chain specialists, having farmed and ranched for decades, they know firsthand what you need and how important your order is to your operation. As a reliable company, you can expect the best product and the surety of decades of solid experience backing up the product. Dollar for dollar, acre for acre, and bushel for bushel, Noffsinger chain is by far the best value.

Today, under the direction of Robert Noffsinger’s family, as well as the General Manager, Dean Herl, the company still operates from the original location at the corner of Fifth Street and Sixth Avenue. The people at the company are truly chain and belt experts, having successfully produced many millions of links with an extremely low failure rate. With little turnover, and many of the employees being here for  decades, they have the skills and dedication needed for the production of quality products.

In 1996, the plant located in Montague, Prince Edward Island, Canada starting producing Noffsinger Belt Chain, Hook Chain, Sprockets and Rollers.

In 1999, the plant located in Menahga, MN starting producing Noffsinger Belt Chain and Rubber Products.

In 2005, the plant located in Filer, ID starting producing Noffsinger Belt Chain and Hook Chain.